Tic Tic Tic

This is a Blog for the Post A Day challenge via WordPress Blogging 101

Today I had to write for 10 mins on any subject

Sixties Chick

So I have to write for 10 mins – checking my watch… 10:50am…. Off we go !

So what to write about????   Well what indeed?????

I could write about my childhood growing up in the swinging sixties in a Northern Town in the U.K. It always seemed to be sunny and we actually played out in the street – hop scotch, paper chase, hide and seek, truth or dare – knocking on doors and running away (all very silly… but fun)

I could write about my annual holiday in Blackpool where Mum and I went for our summer holidays (same room, same guest house, same guests) – it was ALWAYS sunny. I would have lots of donkey rides (Noddy and Sue were my favourite equine beasts) and oh how I screamed when they broke into a trot – what fun.  Ice cream, fish and chips, candy floss, rock (rock made to look like an English breakfast  – sausage, bacon, egg, etc) and the ghost train on Blackpool Pleasure Beach …. Oh how I screamed.

I also screamed when I saw the Beatles perform at the local theatre – I seem to have done a lot of screaming in the 60’s.

Oooo five to eleven……. Get a move on girl…

I could write about 60’s fashion and how short my skirt actually got – tut tut. The make up …. Very pale foundation, dark smudgy eyes and painted on upper and lower lashes – very Julie Driscoll, you had to have very pale lips too to carry off the whole look. ! Even had a go with false lashes – not as good as they are now of course, tended to fall off and look like some weird caterpillar crawling on your cheek.  Buying the Jackie magazine and following what the models wore – Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, et al.  I could write about the boutiques and a trip to BIBA – oooo  BIBA, that’s a whole section on its own.

Checking my watch 11:00…. Where has that 10 mins gone………. And where have the last 40 years gone?


Tic Tic Tic

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